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Ultramax Product Area: At Ultramax we are constantly developing new products. Not only for use on our chassis but also many products can be used on other brands as well.

Sealed Packaging: When you order your products and parts from us, you'll find we take care in our packaging. Items that contain hardware like nuts and bolts are packaged and sealed to prevent loss or missing parts. No more dusty or scratched product or parts on our dealers shelves either, and complete parts and assembles for our customers!

AirPro 3

The Airpro III is the embodiment of all of our gathered knowledge and experience from aerodynamic research and testing. Stay ahead of the competition with Ultramax Racing! The Airpor is available in Black, Red , White , Silver, Yellow.
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Omega Seat!

Ultramax Racing is proud to announce the OMEGA Comfort System Seat. Over the Past several years, the industry has been thirsty for just the right seat and the OMEGA Comfort System will be the next generation of Fiberglass Seats.

This is a Med-High Back seat, with Mounting reinforcement patches and a Right Side Patch to eliminate Flex. We have accomplished a consistent weight and stiffness to offer you , Low VCG and Comfort all in one. Give the OMEGA COMFORT SYSTEM a try and the will be the end of your search for just the right seat.
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Although we show many of our newest items on this area of the site, you'll find the full lineup of every product we offer in our online store!

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